Phaze 2 - the mirror ball project - STEAMPUNK STORY, Alternative steampunk and victorian.

The Phaze alternative Punk collection incorporates new futuristic cyber designs in unique glossy vinyl PVC designs . You can choose Phaze retro styled Punk clothing featuring metallic detailing including zippers, D rings and spiked studs. We also stock plaid and tartan dresses, bondage trousers and tops , alongside our extensive vinyl PVC gloss clothing range. Wearing Phaze threads gives you an alternative edge fit for the streets of Soho and Camden Clubs. Our garments are manufactured in the UK but sold world wide and have appeared on X Factor and other TV shows. Check out the amazing range of alternative leggings and Directions hair colours and stargazer make up to create the "Urban Punk Look."

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Phaze 2 - The Mirror Ball ProjectPhaze 2 - The Mirror Ball ProjectPhaze 2 - The Mirror Ball ProjectPhaze 2 - The Mirror Ball Project